HTC slashes prices of Incredible S, Desire S and Sensation before 'One series' launch

With a whole bunch of new ICS-based phones and tablets launching, existing gadgets are getting massive price cuts, making it a great time to loosen those purse strings. It’s now HTC’s turn to make things a bit more interesting. They have just slashed the prices of three of their popular phones, well, at least Saholic have, so we assume Flipkart and Letsbuy to follow suit as well. The Incredible S has been an excellent Android phone for around 24K, for a while now and today, it’s down to just Rs.20,020, which makes it much better value, as compared to the Galaxy S Plus. The second phone to drop in price is the Desire S, which now retails for just Rs.18,839. This will go on to compete with the Sony Ericsson Neo V as they share similar specifications as well. Finally, the big one, HTC’s Sensation now sits at a very attractive Rs.22,000, which straightaway makes it more appealing than Motorola’s Atrix 2. 

Get it while it's hot!

Get it while it's hot!



This sudden drop in price of these phones only mean one thing – the ‘One series’ is coming, and it’s coming very soon. By slashing the prices of these phone, HTC now have room to drop the price of the Sensation XE, XL and the Evo 3D, while also getting rid of any surplus stock they may have. They also plan to roll out ICS or Android 4.0 for these handsets as well in the coming months, so they aren’t exactly outdated, yet. The Incredible S and the Desire S remain two of our favourite Androids from HTC and this new pricing and a pending ICS update has just given them new life. The Sensation didn’t exactly bowl us over when we reviewed it, but a dual-core phone at 22K with a aluminium chassis is really hard to beat. All these phones are available right now on Saholic, so head on to the above links to check them out. If this price cut has come from HTC, then you can expect Flipkart and Letsbuy to also slash their prices, while it will be a little longer till all retail channels revise their prices.


There’s a whole mess of phones about to be launched before June, so if you were in contemplating on an upgrade, then we might suggest hold of a bit longer as all the big names will come tumbling down once the quad-core beasts hit the street.

Published Date: Mar 27, 2012 06:53 pm | Updated Date: Mar 27, 2012 06:53 pm