HTC showcases upcoming Windows Phone 8X in teaser video

Microsoft is aiming to establish itself as a top OS manufacturer this year, and is already on its way to showcase that it is competition for the iOS and Android with its Windows Phone 8 operating system. Several manufacturers are set to release handsets based on this new OS, and one of them is HTC, which is about to launch the 8X, the brand’s flagship Windows Phone device. HTC has recently released a colourful teaser video showcasing its upcoming smartphones - the 8X and the 8S. The brand has gone one step further, and now splashed another videowhich speaks about the camera of the 8X, among other features such as Skype, Xbox Music and Beats integration.


It’s fair enough to say that Microsoft has divulged very little about its new operating system yet, and from the video we get a glimpse into what this new OS entails. According to a related report by Mobile Syrup, the author Daniel Bader shares some thoughts, “Though we’ve seen a few Windows Phone 8 devices, including the 8X and 8S from HTC, there’s a lot Microsoft hasn’t told us. The company hasn’t even released a full public SDK to developers yet, opting instead to work directly with certain app developers in private to ensure a quality launch experience. Microsoft is expected to show off more of Windows Phone 8, including release dates for phones, at the end of October.”

From an earlier teaser video we can see that the HTC 8X handset will be integrated with Beats Audio technology, and come loaded with Skype, as there is a tile for it on the home screen. The report by Mobile Syrup also states that there will be a new service called Xbox Music loaded with the handset.

Comes in a variety of colours

Comes in a variety of colours


The author goes on to state, “This HTC 8X promo, however, gives us a glimpse into what the phone will look like, how it will perform, and what features it will have. We already know of the 8X’s excellent back camera (8 megapixel), with improved low-light performance, but its front-facing camera is particularly noteworthy. It’s a 2.1MP wide-angle lens, so it fits more people in a single shot.”

Windows Phone 8 is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. It is loosely based on Windows 8, in the sense that it shares the same kernel, APIs and drivers. Microsoft claims that similarities between Windows 8 and this latest smartphone OS are more than just skin deep. Microsoft states, “We’ve based the next release of Windows Phone on the rock-solid technology core of Windows 8”. Expanding on this, Joe Belfiore, Manager of Windows Phone Program, stated that Windows Phone and its older sibling will share common networking, security, media and web browser technology, and a common file system. These features will translate into better performance, more features and new opportunities for app developers and hardware makers to innovate faster.

Published Date: Oct 04, 2012 11:11 am | Updated Date: Oct 04, 2012 11:11 am