HTC One X could get Jelly Bean 4.2.2 in June or July

It’s no secret that the HTC One X will be getting the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update soon, but as of now, there hasn’t been any concrete release date from the company. A new rumour has popped up about the possible release of the update courtesy of GottaBeMobile. According to the website, HTC will begin rolling out the 4.2.2 update for the One X in the June-to-July window. The website cites a Twitter account which it states is a reliable source of leaks related to HTC.

An Android update isn’t going to be all that users will be getting, though. Reports also state that alongside the Android update, HTC will also be upgrading the One X’s UI to Sense 5 – the same as the one running on HTC’s new flagship device, the One. While the OS update isn’t going to be much more than an incremental one, the new UI will feature enough changes to keep users happy for some time.

The HTC One X may get 4.2.2 in June-July

The HTC One X may get 4.2.2 in June-July


HTC had started rolling out the 4.1 update back in November. It was rolled out in two parts, where users were first prompted to download a 1.65MB package, after which a larger update that was around 360MB in size was downloaded.

Jelly Bean builds on top of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This operating system is designed to make everything smoother, faster, and more fluid. Notifications are now more dynamic, allowing you to access and interact with alerts from the drop-down notification menu itself without having to open an app. Another interesting feature is that voice typing is now faster, and works even when the smartphone is not connected to the Internet.

Jelly Bean brought a host of new features, but from what we gleaned of the Sense 4+ UI from our review of the HTC One X+, it didn't feel as smooth as other custom UIs running on Jelly Bean. While it’s quite similar to Sense 4 in functionality and aesthetics, it feels smoother and quicker. But it's not completely lag-free, and despite Jelly Bean incorporating Project Butter, there’s this very tiny hint of lag that creeps up when swiping between homescreens.

But one notable improvement we did notice immediately was the keyboard. The keyboard that comes with Sense 4+ on the One X+ is a lot more usable and the annoying lag that was present in the old Sense 4 keyboard is now gone. Word prediction and auto-correct also work very well. But we noticed that Sense 4+ missed the power toggles in the notification bar. HTC had this in its previous versions of Sense, so we aren’t sure why they would get rid of it.