HTC may let existing One owners replace Sense 5 with stock Android

HTC may have plans to offer the stock Android user interface as an optional ROM instead of Sense 5 for its flagship smartphone, the One. Soon after Google’s Sundar Pichai revealed yesterday that the HTC One will also be available as a Google Edition smartphone with the stock Android user interface, HTC told The Verge that it was currently “examining the best way to support early adopters of the One” who may prefer the AOSP UI to Sense 5.


The company didn’t say anything more on the topic, but we think it’s only a matter of time until hackers make the Google Edition’s ROM available. It remains to be seen if HTC gives people who buy the 'Nexus' One an option to use the Sense 5 UI.

HTC One running stock Android

Option for stock Android could be in the offing soon



The lucky guys at The Verge also got a chance to spend some time with the ‘Nexus’ One. The button layout is said to be similar to that of the original One, and the black bar with the on-screen menu, back and options buttons is still present. To access Google Now, you have to long-press the capacitive menu button; the running and recent apps panel can be accessed by double-tapping on the menu button.


The Google Edition of the One won’t be terribly different from the original, which was officially launched in India earlier this week. However, the ‘Nexus’ One will get the pure AOSP experience and receive software updates from Google as soon as they are ready, just like the existing Nexus devices. The Google Edition of the One will be available from June 26 on Google Play for people in the USA.


HTC says that the special edition of the HTC One will come with a bootloader that “can be unlocked by standard method for “Nexus experience” devices.”


The ‘Nexus’ One will be a full $50 cheaper than the stock Google Edition of the Galaxy S4, which will also be available on the same date on the Play Store. After suffering a bleak couple of years in terms of sales and brand perception, HTC may finally be able to count the Google Edition One as a minor victory against Samsung, the leading smartphone maker in the world.

Published Date: Jun 01, 2013 12:37 pm | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2013 12:37 pm