HTC may be facing troubled times with staff departure and production problems

HTC's Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera left the company last week, according to sources who spoke to The Verge. With the company’s flagship HTC One just being launched in the market, the timing could not have been worse.

Kodera’s departure is not a one-off in the company’s recent past. Employees who have made their departure from the company include the Vice President of Global Communications, Jason Gordon. Other recent cases include the Global Retail Marketing Manager Rebecca Rowland, Director of Digital Marketing John Starkweather and Product Strategy Manager Eric Lin.


That many of HTC’s employees seem to have been poached by other companies may not be the main cause why the company is in a state of disarray. According to the Verge, quite a few professionals believe that the company is not a good place to be right now.

HTC is struggling to keep up with the Samsung onslaught. (photo credit:iletisimhaberleri)

HTC is struggling to keep up with the Samsung onslaught. (photo credit:iletisimhaberleri)



The reasons could be various. While HTC has tried to make an impact in the market, with its earlier HTC One X and the now released HTC One, the company is still struggling against Samsung, the current market leader in Android phones. Another reason why HTC may have lost some steam is because of the HTC First, which was positioned as the Facebook phone and introduced at the social network’s event in April.


Facebook had originally intended to launch a downloadable version of Facebook Home after some time, giving the First some kind of exclusivity on the platform. However, Facebook backtracked and put Home up as a Play Store download in the same week that HTC First was launched. The First is now battling poor sales and rumors are strife that the phone may be facing a lot of trouble.    


The Verge has also put some of the blame at HTC's co-founder and CEO Peter Chou’s doorstep. The chief example that most sources are quoting is the decision that the HTC head honcho made to push forward with the HTC One, despite estimated supply and manufacturing delays. As seen, the One also had many problems even after the launch.

However, one of the points that every source agree on is that HTC is struggling to keep up with Samsung. The Korean company, which sources its own display and processors for its products, has immense control on the Android market today. And HTC might find it difficult to get back into the race even with the HTC One’s sales picking up..

Published Date: May 22, 2013 12:19 PM | Updated Date: May 22, 2013 12:19 PM