HTC Incredible S Gets Gingerbread Update

The HTC Incredible S was launched with FroYo and naturally we were quite confused as to why not Gingerbread but of course we expected an update somwhere down the line. Well, it now looks like that eventuality will come to pass in the not too distant future.

Gingerbread is Incredible

Gingerbread is Incredible



The update was expected to come out this quarter (Q2 2011), but it seems that Incredible S owners in Italy are already getting their hands on an Over-the-air Gingerbread update for the device. With the Desire S being released recently sporting Gingerbread, we can safely conclude HTC have pretty much locked onto a stable Sense UI for the version.

While it remains uncertain when exactly this update is going to reach Incredible S users across the globe, we’re hoping it’s sooner rather than later. Anyway, you can check out the video below for a demo, or hop on over to our review to learn why the S in the Incredible S stands for Super.



Published Date: Apr 26, 2011 11:36 pm | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2011 11:36 pm