HTC HD2 development juggernaut continues with Firefox OS port

The HTC HD2 may be dead in the consumer scene, but it is still thriving in the development scene. XDA Developers forum member feheneo has announced that Mozilla's upcoming mobile operating system – Firefox OS – is now running on the HD2. He has given the files along with the installation steps in a forum post on the XDA forums.

HTC HD2 can now run Firefox OS too

HTC HD2 can now run Firefox OS too


The porting isn't complete yet, however, and a lot of the features don't seem to be working. Among the things not working on the OS running on the HD2 are mobile network, sound, keymaps, mass storage and the camera. The sound, when it works, is very low in volume and using the camera seems to be a dicey proposition at best. The developer is attempting to fix some of the more pressing issues, such as the OS's refusal to detect the SIM card despite the OS having STK apps and keymaps.

This is truly a testament to the versatility of the aged HTC HD2, as well as the determination of developers that a device that was released in 2009 can run an operating system made in this day and age. Back in December, we saw the handset running on Windows RT, which is an operating system that was made with tablets in mind. The hack was performed by a developer who goes by @CotullaCode on Twitter. He had posted screenshots that showed the operating system running on the HD2. The performance of the device probably isn't ideal, but this is a great example of what developers can do with an open device.

Published Date: May 13, 2013 01:16 pm | Updated Date: May 13, 2013 01:16 pm