HTC 'Flyer' Android Tablet To Release In March?

Remember that buttonless HTC device that we talked sometime ago? IT seems like that has been codenamed the ‘Flyer’ and will be HTC’s first tablet.

Imagine this,but bigger...

According to Digitimes, HTC plans to launch three new tablets, with the ‘Flyer’ to begin shipping in the US market sometime in the first half of 2011, with the other markets getting the device in the second half. The ‘Flyer’ looks like an enlarged version of the Desire and will run on Android 2.3, with no other specifications revealed at this time.

The newspaper also says that the ‘Flyer’ will be upgradeable to Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb as and when the new OS is available. The other two tablets, which are yet unnamed are said to launch in June 2011 and will run on Android 3.0.

This is HTC’s first foray into the highly competitive tablet market. It will be interesting to see what specs and features the ‘Flyer’ and the other two tablets bring to the table.