HTC Android devices to attract businesses with IBM security apps

We just saw reports how Google needs to gear up control over its open source Android platform. Companies like Amazon and Baidu may just cost Google some of its revenue by keeping Google apps in the background. On the other hand, companies like Samsung and HTC are completely leveraging on Google services unlike Amazon who uses Android platform but sidelines Google apps over its own app store and services. HTC and IBM are now said to be working in unison at getting businesses to employ Android devices and get a lucrative slice of the enterprise sector, as per reports by Forbes.

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Businesses need utmost security features and this is one reason why Android devices aren't widely accepted by businesses as they are plagued with malware. HTC has adopted IBM business apps which focus on security and are quite essential for business users who require privacy. For instance, despite the depreciating Blackberry handsets, it is still considered as a standard for businesses  owing to encryption, secure e-mail systems and private messaging. IBM  has been around for a while since the early computing years and HTC plans to add IBM apps to its devices, taking security to a higher level in its Android devices.

On the other hand, Apple’s iPad is widely being used for work purposes as firms are purchasing them for the employees (eating a considerable market share). Apple devices are being favored by many due to the encryption and security from viruses and other business features with privacy.  HTC stands second after Samsung, but did see a fall in revenue lately due to the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy range. Morover, it pays $5 of every sale to Microsoft over licensing agreement. So, obviously, HTC is looking forward to add some business users. However, this may not necessarily help HTC unless the company makes a mark in the tablet market too. HTC has dished out only the Flyer and the Jetstream so far. HTC can bring in users, rather business users only if it can convince them about the security apps along with IBM on its devices.

Published Date: Jan 26, 2012 09:59 am | Updated Date: Jan 26, 2012 09:59 am