HP/Palm's webOS User Interface Gets A Look-In

A while back, we got our hands on the specifications of the HP/Palm Topaz. Looks like the trickling of information doesn’t end there, there’s some more news of the webOS User Interface.

That's what it'll look like from a Topaz

The interface includes new gestures, text selectors and the panel interface plus there’s more on how the virtual keyboard and tabs/pages will look like. Starting with touch gestures, there are quite a few of them which probably look a bit complicated but these are the functions that webOS will be having:

  • Double Tap
  • Tap & drag
  • Tap & hold
  • 2 finger tap
  • 2 finger tap + drag

All this is in addition to the mundane gestures like scroll, tap and pinch to zoom but there’s still no word of how these gestures will come in handy.

Your virtual keyboard is ready, master

The virtual keyboard is pretty standard but there’s also a toolbar at the top with functions like hiding the keyboard, jumping between fields and placing the cursor between two characters.

The interface for the panel is quite similar to that of Notion Ink’s Adam with the list on the left and content on the right. Also, webOS will allow opening multiple web pages in multiple cards.

Apart from this, webOS will have standard pop-up dialog boxes while there’s also some improvement made to Google Maps with the added option of saving location bookmarks.

Looking at these features, it’ll be interesting to see how HP’s customized User Interface will actually shape up in comparison to the Android Operating System and iOS.

via PreCentral

Published Date: Jan 25, 2011 01:01 pm | Updated Date: Jan 25, 2011 01:01 pm