HP to lose WebOS developers

HP’s decision to stop manufacturing phones and tablets came a few weeks back, and there has been a ton happening, since then. The TouchPad prices crashed, following which HP decided to sell a new batch of them. Now, it appears that HP will let go of some of their WebOS developers. Sources have told AllThingsD that some 525 employees are likely to lose their jobs in this week. HP had stated that they would continue development of WebOS for other products other than phones and tablets. HP confirmed that a layoff was going to happen, but wouldn’t mention a clear number. For the TouchPads that have flown off the shelves, there is always Android. Cyanogenmod, the popular custom ROM has been at work porting Android to the TouchPad, so a stable Android build for the device can be expected sometime in the future. 

Suddenly everyone wants one

Reduced development on the WebOS front



Reportedly, HP might even lose its CEO, Leo Apotheker. He might be replaced by eBay ex-CEO Meg Whitman. According to reports, investors and other board of directors aren’t a pleased bunch. The industry has seen major shakeups in the past month or two, as former Yahoo! CEO, Carol Bartz was also let go. Leo Apotheker has been with HP only since September, last year.