HP refreshes its Pavilion-G Series notebooks with new features

HP has unveiled its new range of consumer notebooks, the Pavilion G-series that comes with new styles, colours and enhanced features. The updated consumer notebooks reflect HP’s new Mosaic design approach, that aims to ensure that each HP notebook is individually unique, yet collectively complete, perfect for the ‘style conscious’ Gen Y.


“We are really excited about the launch of our new range of consumer notebooks, the Pavilion G-series, that have been designed keeping in mind the ‘evolved’ computing needs of the young technology enthusiasts,” said Vinay Awasthi, Senior Director, Product Category, PSG, HP PSG India. Based on our Mosaic philosophy, this series features funky, fully featured notebooks that exude elegance- in form, functionality and appeal, making it everything you need, anywhere you need to go.”


Ruby Red!

Ruby Red!



The redesigned HP Pavilion G-series feature curved, beveled edges with a bowl-shape keyboard deck and textured touchpad giving them a distinct form factor. There are three colour options available – sparkling black, winter blue and ruby red. Along with its aesthetics, this new range is based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors for powerful performance and are loaded with features like:


  • Dolby Audio: Powered by Dolby’s PC sound technology, the Pavilion G-series’ audio experience is enhanced with both design and functional elements. A chrome strip bordering the speaker serves as a visual cue for audio, while the exposed speaker bar provides better sound projection, envisioned to keep in step with your passions for music!
  • Array of Colors: The Pavilion G-series laptops are available in exciting new colors, which include, Sparkling Black, Ruby Red and Winter Blue.
  • Mosaic Design Approach:  New colours. Premium materials. Purposeful shapes. These elements fuse together to create one comprehensive design. And that fusion is the essence of Mosaic, the overarching design philosophy shaping HP’s exciting new range of consumer notebooks. The Mosaic approach is an extension of the MUSE (materials, usability, sensory appeal and experience) design philosophy and focuses on the use of a mix of materials such as metals, alloys and plastics.
  • SimplePass: A Fingerprint reader is present as well that makes it easy for users to log onto to multiple accounts over multiple social networking channels all by a simple swipe. 
  • CoolSense: An “intelligent cooling” system pre-installed in your notebook to keep it cool, so you can use it in ultimate comfort, even when you keep it on your lap.
  • ProtectSmart: A hard drive protection feature built in HP notebooks, so your valuable files are protected while you are on the move!



The redesigned HP Pavilion G-series notebooks are now available at a starting price of Rs. 40,390 plus taxes. 

Published Date: Apr 26, 2012 10:26 am | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2012 10:26 am