HP Files DuoPad, Touchcanvas and Touchslate as Trademarks

So HP has been taking the spotlight of late. Just yesterday they were in the news for details about Topaz and later on HP’s webOS was also shown. Now there are talks suggesting that the company has filed for trademarks.

Adding to the confusion...

What seems to be a bit strange is that while HP has filed for DuoPad, Touchcanvas and Touchslate as trademarks, we have heard of only two tablets, i.e. Opal and Topaz. You can really arrive at many conclusions now.

There’s one chance that while one or two of these trademarks will be used, the others might just be a hoax. Then it’s quite likely that these are just potential names and HP will be selecting one of them as official names for their tablets. In case these don’t fit the bill, it won’t be surprising to see HP release a third tablet as well. One reason is the teaser ads that the guys at HP release.

Anyway, we will only know in due course of time which one of these HP will use as an official name for the Topaz and Opal.

Published Date: Jan 25, 2011 11:15 pm | Updated Date: Jan 25, 2011 11:15 pm