How to install Facebook Home on your smartphone

Facebook Home has been launched, albeit with mixed reactions from the public at large. The social media giant has decided to roll out the app slowly, so as of now, people outside of the US can't really get the app through official channels, i.e. Google Play.  Instead, we're forced to rely on the ingenuity of developers.

Installing Facebook Home is a very simple procedure. The things you'll require for this are pretty self-explanatory. The most important thing is a smartphone that actually supports Facebook Home (which basically means any phone that can connect to the Internet and has a 720p display resolution). There are two ways of going about it – the first one is by using only your smartphone (which is good if you have a 3G data plan or are connected to a Wi-Fi network) and the second involves using your computer to download the required files and transferring them to your phone via USB.

Both ways do need two things. First and foremost, you'll need a file managing app that lets you access your SD card or your phone's internal memory. We recommend Astro File Manager for this. The second is that you will have to allow your phone to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, go into your phone's settings. From there, go into Security and enable the Unknown Sources option. This is to let you install apps or games directly from your SD card instead of just Google Play.

The most important step is to allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources

The most important step is to allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources


This is where the steps to get Facebook Home working divulge into two. If you have a "supported" device (Samsung Galaxy S 3, Note II, HTC One, One X, One X+), then just download the latest versions of the Facebook and the Messenger apps. After that, simply grab the apk for Facebook Home from here and install it through your phone's file manager. Pressing your device's Home button will then give you the option to pick between your installed launchers. You can either pick 'Just Once' if you're just trying it out, or 'Always' if you plan to stick with it for an extended period of time.

If your phone isn't listed as supported for Facebook Home, don't fret. You just have to install the latest versions of the Facebook app from here and the Messenger app from here. After that, just download and install this modified apk of Facebook Home. After this, you'll be able to use Facebook Home as if you were using an HTC First. Well, maybe not, but it does let you try the app out before it makes its way to your phone in a more official capacity.

Unlocking your phone will bring you to your Cover Feed. This is where you'll see your news feed. The major concern here is about security, though. There is no lock screen; as soon as you hit the unlock button, you see your Cover Feed. Facebook Home may also feel restrictive to some, since there's no support for Android's widgets.

The main attraction of Facebook Home is the inclusion of Chat Heads. They are basically quick shortcuts to any active chat that is going on, and these shortcuts stay above any other window. For example, you can chat with someone through the Chat Head while playing a game or watching a movie.


Special thanks to user PaulOBrien on the Modaco forums for the APKs.

Published Date: Apr 15, 2013 15:30 PM | Updated Date: Apr 15, 2013 15:30 PM