How a teenager plans to censor spoiler tweets with a browser plugin

There is absolutely nothing that is more annoying than having the plot of a much-awaited film or a favourite TV show ruined because someone chose to share it on Twitter, Facebook or on any social site. 


Tired of facing this predicament on Twitter, 17-year-old budding software engineer Jennie Lamere is currently in the final stages of putting out her own Internet browser plugin, Twivo. What Twivo does is use keywords that a user enters, like the title of a show or the names of the characters and actors, to sniff out any spoiler tweets. 


"I was just getting kind of annoyed how on Tuesday, when a lot of my favorite shows were on, I could never go on Twitter because it was filled with spoilers," she was quoted as telling to Los Angeles Times. 

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Plugin to censor tweets



That's not it. Lamere even won top honours at the TVnext Hack, a first of its kind hackathon for TV in Boston last month. Lamere was the only female participant there.


She is an avid watcher of "Dance Moms" and "Pretty Little Liars". However, like a growing number of TV viewers, Lamere prefers to watch episodes on streaming services like Hulu after their original broadcast.


As for the plugin Twivo, Lamere is already using a beta version but is adding some final touches to it before releasing it for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in a few weeks. 


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Published Date: May 10, 2013 07:31 pm | Updated Date: May 10, 2013 07:31 pm