Hotmail Gives You an Alias

Google’s own email services have become so popular that we rarely might actually be using our Hotmail accounts anymore, forget about making a new one. But maybe this feature, Hotmail Aliases, might make you want to head back to your old faithful Hotmail account.

Creating aliases is quite simple

Creating aliases is quite simple


If you already have a Hotmail account, you can now add a few extensions to show off your alter ego. An id like “bytehead” wouldn’t make it romantic enough if you want to chat up that new gal you met at the pub. For that matter, “cooldude4u” is an absolute no-no for sharing reports and pictures at your science club. So, Hotmail’s new concept lets you create up to five alternate ids and access all of them from your original Hotmail ID. For e.g. if my id is, I can choose the “Create a Hotmail alias” option and then put up any random name that I want to create. Now if is my alias, all mails sent to this address will actually come to my original email id, i.e.

Similarly you can get mails from different email ids that you’ve created, all in the same mailbox. Alternately, you can also create special folders for receiving mails on any one particular alias. The feature looks cool enough to give it a shot, so try it out from here and tell us whether you liked the feature.

Published Date: Jun 08, 2011 06:57 pm | Updated Date: Jun 08, 2011 06:57 pm