'Home' button of next iPhone surfaces online

With the Apple rumour mills running wild, it is no surprise that every day a new bit of information gets revealed regarding the next iPhone. It was reported recently that the upcoming iPhone would feature an in-cell touch panel which would allow it to be slimmer and if used with a metal back, it could be as slim as 7.90mm. This is a significant drop in depth as compared to the iPhone 4S in the process allowing Apple to break the 8mm mark as done by other rival manufacturers such as Motorola and Huawei. The latest bit of information comes courtesy of TVC-Mall, a website that offers replacement parts for devices. The website has put up a listing on their page showing what they allegedly call the next iPhone’s home button and it's available in the black and white colour option.

Is this the next iPhone's home button?

Is this the next iPhone's home button?


What is an interesting bit of news regarding this image leak is that we now know that Apple does intend to stick around with the home button and not trash it altogether. At first glance, it will look similar to the home button on the iPhone 4S but upon closer scrutiny, one can see that the ``whole unit features a slightly rectangular design with rounded edges. This prompts one to believe that Apple will in fact redesign their smartphone as they are widely expected to.

Apple have stuck with the same design for two generations of smartphones and if they intend on sticking with the same design, then it will certainly detract many potential consumers who are looking forward to the next iPhone. As per a report by WebProNews, the author states, “This home button looks slightly different, which suggests that the internal components of the iPhone will be shuffled around at least a little bit. Considering the fact that the iPhone is due a redesign anyway – and with rumors of a redesigned touchscreen and metal casing – the redesign of the iPhone home button, however slight, appears to be a confirmation that the iPhone will be getting a redesign. This isn’t the first time that leaked home buttons have provided a clue about a new Apple product. Back in December the home buttons for the new iPad leaked, and their redesign appeared to confirm rumors that the iPad would be getting a bit thicker, as it ultimately did.”

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Published Date: Apr 25, 2012 12:11 pm | Updated Date: Apr 25, 2012 12:11 pm