Hipstamatic's Oggl now open to all iOS users

Hipstamatic has taken the next big step in ensuring its Instagram-killer Oggl can make its way into the heart of photo-filter fans. After a brief period of invite-only status, Oggl is now available for all iPhone users for free.

Two weeks after Oggl opened up for limited users, it can now be downloaded on your iOS devices even if you do not have an invite. The service is an extension of sorts to the older, much-loved Hipstamatic that will enable the app’s already existing pool of about four million users to experience the service in a new way. Oggl is supposed to be “a community for creative people to capture and curate their lives through photography,” according to Lucas Buick and Ryan Dorshorst, Co-Founders of Hipstamatic.

Open for all now

Open for all now


The service revolves around capturing and curating images and runs on the “capture-first” experience. Click a picture with Oggl and experiment with filters and other editing tools and put it up on the service. The app has five situational shooting settings too – nightlife, food, portraits, landscapes and sunset. In order to gain additional lenses and films, you can choose between either the $2.99 quarterly or the $9.99 yearly plan.

With the opening up of the service, Hipstamatic has updated Oggl too. You will now be able to add small descriptions or “artist statements” to your profile. You can also double-tap to love a photo in your feed, a la Instagram. As far as the camera goes, you can now tap-and-hold to focus and then drag to set the exposure before you click.

Oggl will be making its way to Windows Phone by June as well. The company had announced earlier this month that it will be launching on Windows Phone 8 devices with a special connect with Nokia Lumia 925. The phone’s and the app’s release date are set to coincide. Android fans, though, don't hold your breaths. Hipstamatic has no plans to release Oggl for Android just yet.



You can download Oggl for your iOS devices from the App Store here.

Published Date: May 27, 2013 10:45 am | Updated Date: May 27, 2013 10:45 am