Hipstamatic's Oggl coming to Windows Phone 8 with Nokia Lumia 925

While Windows Phone users still need to wait for a while longer to get an Instagram app, Hipstamatic has announced the launch of retro-filter app Oggl for the platform. The app is all set to be available for Windows Phone 8 when Nokia’s newest Lumia 925 hits the shelves in June.

The app seems like it’s going to have a deeper Nokia connect the Lumia 925 features prominently in the blog announcing the launch. “We were impressed with the Lumia 925 because the device’s camera is designed to take amazing pictures in low light situations — concerts, restaurants, nightlife, late night jaunts — all the things our community (and the Hipsta team!) loves to do. We can’t wait to meet our new creative family, welcome back some old friends, and grow the Hipstamatic community even more,” wrote Lucas Buick, CEO and Co-founder of Hipstamatic

Instagram killer or not? You decide!

When will Android get Oggl?


The announcement for the Windows Phone 8 and Nokia phone special Oggl app by Hipstamatic comes close on the heels of the company’s announcement of an iOS app. The company launched the Instagram rival only a few days ago, which promised a right blend of features of the older app with the right mix of social thrown into it.

The service essentially revolves around capturing and curating photos. It runs on a “capture-first” shooting experience. Using Oggl, you will now be able to edit a photo after it has been clicked. Once you’ve experimented with the image and are happy with the look, you can put it up on Oggl.

You can then “curate your personal story” by uploading your favourite images on Oggl. Of course, since the social angle is so important with Oggl, you’ll easily be able to share images on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr. You also have an additional “Favourites” option for situational shooting and tag locations as well as your other friends who are on Oggl.

With the announcement of the Windows Phone 8 and iOS version of Oggl, Android users have been left twiddling their thumbs. Let’s hope Hisptamatic will shower some love onto this platform too.

Published Date: May 14, 2013 06:22 pm | Updated Date: May 14, 2013 06:22 pm