HCL Learning launches MyEduWorld tablet, drives with pre-loaded content

HCL Learning, the education and learning division of HCL Infosystems Ltd., today launched MyEduWorld. In an official statement, the company elaborates that MyEduWorld is an interactive learning product from HCL. It is a first of its kind product in the country that helps the child learn at his or her own pace at home or even while travelling. Apart from having school curriculum mapped digital content, the product is also equipped with quiz engine, educational applications, games, educational videos and ebooks that make self-paced learning an enjoyable experience both for a child and the parent.


Considering increased acceptance of Android-based tablets and that PC and laptops have wide usage today, MyEduWorld has been launched in two form factors - MyEduWorld – Tablet (Android-based) priced at  Rs 9,999 and MyEduWorld – Drive pre-loaded with content priced from Rs 1,999 - Rs 2,699, for PCs and laptops on Windows platform.


MyEduWorld has been launched in two form factors - tablet and drive



Besides the school curriculum mapped digital content from KG to 12, MyEduWorld offers a content repository of more than 6,000 visually rich 2D-3D animations, real-life examples, step-by-step illustrations and has more than 25,000 solved examples and 15,000 quizzes. MyEduWorld also has educational applications like problem solver, online encyclopedia, live-videos etc., available free of cost. Moreover to keep a track of self-learning, students have access to Assessment-Engine, which is a gateway to more than 75,000 + question banks. Parents too can keep a track of their kids as analysis and reports are sent over emails.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rothin Bhattacharyya, EVP - Marketing, Strategy, Corporate Development, HCL Infosystems Ltd., “Today the need of the hour in our education system is to make the learning process more engaging and interesting. MyEduWorld has been created to enable students to learn in a faster and smarter manner. A stimulating environment, interactive tools, focuses on concept understanding and real life examples which are all part of MyEduWorld are geared to provide students with a truly learning experience which they imbibe for a lifetime.”


Going further, the official statement claims that Digischool, which is an extension of HCL's interactive class room solution has empowered more than 25 lakh students across India. MyEduWorld will ensure continuity of the same fun and engaging environment even when the child studies outside the school or at home.


MyEduWorld – USB drive is a plug and play device and runs on Windows XP (Pro – SP2/3), Vista and Windows 7 which can be used by students at home for smart revision, practice, concept clarity and excellence in exams. MyEduWorld-Drive comes in 8GB (for Grade 1-5 and Grade 6-7) and 16GB (for Grade 8-10) capacities prebundled with educational content for Maths & Science subjects. Users can choose any one class from 1 to 10. – in the next few months MyEduWorld-Drive variants would cover all subjects from KG to 12 as well. MyEduWorld for tablets is currently available in U1 and X1 models running on Android (OS 2.3 and 4.0) and will soon be available on other HCL ME Tablets as well.


MyEduWorld – the tablet and the USB Drive is available through HCL Store online, Book shops, Branded Retail, DDMS network and other online portals from Flipkart, Yokibu etc. across India.

Published Date: Dec 14, 2012 10:27 AM | Updated Date: Dec 14, 2012 10:27 AM