Happy Auto app lets you rate rickshaw rides in Bangalore

A new campaign dubbed Sugama Savari, aimed at creating safe commuting awareness has been launched by the traffic police in Bangalore. A new free Android app called Happy Auto has also been launched as a part of the campaign. The app allows commuters to lodge complaints about improper behaviour by auto drivers. For instance, commuters can lodge complaints if the drivers refuse to ply to a particular destination or demand extra fare. Commuters can also put in a good word about a driver.

Film actor Sudeep is the brand ambassador for the campaign and a special team is being put together to evaluate the responses based on which autos will be recognised for good travel. While inaugurating the drive, Sudeep has asked auto drivers to follow traffic rules and cooperate with the city traffic police.


Rate the auto ride (Image credit: Getty Images)


B Dayanand, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), said that anything that is uploaded for or against any auto will be automatically linked to the city traffic police server. He also said, “We'd like rate the individual's performance and behaviour to laud their good services. At the same time, we'll book cases if we find them committing offences. The software, developed by an entrepreneur, is designed for this.”

Two main complaints about auto drivers are route refusal and extra fare, he further said. The team plans to create awareness among these drivers and also inculcate some soft skills through training and workshops.

Published Date: Dec 20, 2013 05:35 pm | Updated Date: Dec 20, 2013 05:35 pm