Hanging With Friends, Now on Zynga

Popular social network game developer, Zynga has announced today the launch of yet another title in its With Friends series, Hanging with Friends. The game has been modeled on the likes of the  popular Hangman. Just like in the game Hangman, players are required to guess words. The winner would obviously be the one who manages to stick around, oops hang around for the longest. 

Hang in there..

Hang in there..


But, it doesn’t stop there. Zynga adds interaction to its latest game. Users can select from a range of avatars made available, which Zynga claims to be a bunch of colorful characters. As mentioned earlier, the winner is the one who manages to stay around for the longest, and helping him are a bunch of strategically placed hints that come to him in the form of lifelines. Players can watch instant replays using which they can catch a glimpse of their opponent’s moves.

The game is currently available in Canada via the Apple App Store. The game is anticipated for a release soon elsewhere either as a free or premium download from the App Store on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, or even at the iTunes App Store.


Published Date: Jun 09, 2011 04:20 pm | Updated Date: Jun 09, 2011 04:20 pm