Handy BlackBerry Apps - Making Your Feature Rich Handset Even More So

Lots of BlackBerry users ask me for tips on great apps. While people with specific interests, for example, fitness (which as per the expert opinion of my weighing scale is clearly not my interest area) might be looking for niche features, I've attempted to put down a list of my favorite apps from a broad-usage perspective.

Also, as with most Indians, I prefer things that come gratis, so there's just one paid app on this list. Please remember though to visit all the links below from your native BlackBerry browser--that'll ensure you can download BlackBerry and device-specific versions easily. I'll also keep adding to this list regularly. So, without further ado, in no order of preference, here are some of my favorite apps:

Described as the most used app on BlackBerry after e-mail, and rightly so. From RSS feeds for keeping up with websites and news, weather, sports, business, podcasts, social networking to flight timings, Viigo has everything. Recently acquired by RIM, Viigo can be downloaded from www.viigo.com.

Viigo for all kinds of things

A great tool for managing multiple time zones, travel, and daily updated currency rates as well as integration with Trip It. If a BlackBerry is a must-have for the globe trotter, then Worldmate is a must-have for the BlackBerry. The download is available from www.worldmate.com.

The traveler's companion

Google Sync
I love Google's great calendar but am also forced to use the Microsoft Outlook calendar at work. While the Outlook calendar syncs seamlessly with my BlackBerry’s thanks to BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server), Google Sync ensures that Google is synced with my BlackBerry calendar and by extension with my Outlook calendar too. It ensures that I get Google's great alerts (SMS for instance), so I can keep track of my schedule. Whichever the calendar I've originally made the entry on, Google Sync ensures that both my personal and work calendars are up to date with no clashes. It’s available from http://m.google.com. And just in case you didn't know already, the site also features a great Gmail app for BlackBerry, Google Maps and the Google App itself.

Google's got something for everything

Want to add information for someone on your contact list but need to copy-paste from an e-mail? That can be a real pain, but with Gwabbit, it's a breeze. It finds, grabs and adds contacts from your e-mails to your contact list and comes with an automated and a manual option. Get it from http://www.gwabbit.com.

It may sound funny but it's quite a handy app this Gwabbit

QuickPull Free
One annoying thing about BlackBerry is that a full device reboot requires you to pull out the battery and reinsert it. Okay, more annoying is the time it takes to reboot a BlackBerry, but since we can't do much about that, we can at least make the process simpler. With QuickPull free, you can reboot without removing your battery. It’s available from BlackBerry App World.

The battery stays put

Published Date: Nov 02, 2010 12:30 pm | Updated Date: Nov 02, 2010 12:30 pm