Hancom ties up with HCL to export ThinkFree Mobile Office to India

Hancom Inc. has announced its tie up with HCL Infosystems Ltd. to extend Hancom's ThinkFree Mobile - Android edition on HCL Tablets. HCL is one of India’s most well known hardware, services and ICT systems integration and distribution company


The latest version of ThinkFree Mobile app has been embedded in 'HCL ME U1’, HCL Infosystem’s recently launched range of Tablet PCs, available for Rs. 7999. In the past too, HCL's Android tablets have had ThinkFree Mobile as one of their standard apps.


Moon, Hong-il, VP of ThinkFree, Hancom Inc said, “We are thrilled at this association with HCL Infosystems – the leaders in India’s IT landscape. The move is a part of Hancom's business plans to expand strategic cooperation with major partners around the world to increase our global footprint. We are keen on expanding our customer base in India with this opportunity with HCL and look forward to a long partnership.

HCL teaming up with Hancom

HCL teaming up with Hancom



Gautam Advani, EVP & Head, Mobility, HCL Infosystems Ltd., said, “We are delighted to partner with Hancom to offer ThinkFree Mobile to our customers on our range of Tablets. The ability to view or edit office documents is a very important use case for our consumers. The application has really been appreciated by our customers and has been enabling them in several use cases from creating business presentations to writing theses”.


Hancom’s ThinkFree Mobile was introduced for the first time in HCL’s X1 Tablet. The device and the application have been received very well by customers and both companies plan to take it to emerging markets.


With this opportunity to export ThinkFree Mobile to HCL, Hancom plans to boost its projects through partnerships with other digital device manufacturers and telecommunication companies from different Asian countries. Hancom is also looking to expand its export market by introducing Hancom's various office solutions including clouding solutions.


HCL has also teamed up with Siemens PLM Software in the past to accelerate client adoption of PLM software and services in the Indian market. This would help enhance product development and also enable the reduction of time needed to market for manufacturing companies in India. This partnership of HCL with the business unit of Siemens allowed delivery of superior and highly flexible and scalable PLM solutions across the industry verticals, along with focus onto Aerospace & Defense, Automotive and Ancillary markets.


Today companies want to gain competitive advantage and expand market share through faster time to market. The Siemens PLM Software partnership will help customers benefit from efficiencies in product development lifecycle thus impacting their bottomlines,” said GH Rao, Senior Corporate Vice President and President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), HCL Technologies. “This partnership is yet another milestone in our engineering heritage and platform development expertise across enterprise ecosystem and adds tremendous value to HCL’s service offerings.” 

Published Date: Jul 30, 2012 06:26 pm | Updated Date: Jul 30, 2012 06:26 pm