Hackers Victimize Sony, Again!

Seems like these days the word 'hack' has gone synonymous with Sony. Hackers have targeted the multinational corporation, yet again; this time attacking the Sony Music websites in Greece and Indonesia. The problems of hackers seem to be a never ending saga faced by Sony who has recently recovered from the massive outage that rocked their PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services.

"hacked by b4d_vipera" ... Audacious!


The attack on sonymusic.gr was done by an SQL injection method and information of more than 8,300 of its members was posted on pastebin.com. The information contained member’s usernames, names and email addresses. According to The Hacker News, a screenshot with the words “hacked by b4d_vipera" was posted on Pastebin and was later removed. According to a blog post at Naked Security, the said data seems to be incomplete as it claims to include passwords, telephone numbers and other data that is either missing or bogus.

In a statement provided by a Sony spokeswoman, there was an online tweet that one page of Sony Music Indonesia's Web site was altered and Sony Music Indonesia shut down the access to such page and started investigation. Speaking about the hack in the Greek website, she said that Sony was investigating the Sony Music Greece matter.

Reporting on the Indonesian website, Hacker News on Saturday said that a screen shot was posted with the words "defaced by k4L0ng666." As of right now the Indonesian website was back online however the Greek website continues to remain offline.

Things may not be smooth sailing for Sony at the moment with hackers trying to take advantage of Sony’s vulnerable system as they are still recovering from the PSN saga. The outage which occurred just over a month ago shook the online multiplayer gaming world with over 77 million users being affected. The people responsible for bringing down the system are still not known.

With Sony’s PSN, Qriocity service, So-Net in Thailand and now the Sony Music websites in Greece and Indonesia; Sony has constantly been on the receiving end of the hackers. What should the customers of this company do? And how should they keep their online information safe from the hands of these perpetrators? Please let us know what you think about Sony’s security measures in the comments below or start a discussion in our thread.


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Source: CNET

Published Date: May 24, 2011 04:35 pm | Updated Date: May 24, 2011 04:35 pm