Hackers Hit Brazil for the Third Time in a Row

Hackers seemed to have vowed to disrupt the Brazilian government’s security machinery, and have hacked the government’s Institute of Geography and Statistics, making it the third attack in three days.




Renaming the page to, “Hacked IBGE”, the hackers also depicted the Brazilian National flag with an eye on it. The hack is said to have been carried out by a hacker outfit that calls itself ‘Fail Shell’. The group added that the hacks were a form of protest from a ‘nationalist group’ (Fail Shell), who wish to make Brazil a better country’. The official Brazilian websites also suffered attacks from LulzSec and Anonymous on Wednesday, and Thursday.

According to the Brazilian government officials, the hack, apparently, only affected the home portal, and that the data base of the site was still available to the users.



Source: Physorg.com

Published Date: Jun 25, 2011 03:50 pm | Updated Date: Jun 25, 2011 03:50 pm