Hackers from Kashmir Attack Sikkim Website

It looks like diplomatic talks have gone a lot further than two prime ministers talking about cross-border negotiations. It seems that a certain hacking group called the ZCompany Hacking Crew have attacked a Sikkim website.

Internet Revolution?

According to IBNLive, the victim site belongs to the Cultural Affairs and Heritage Department of the Sikkim government, which promotes art and culture of the north-eastern state. Even now (1:01 PM), the problem hasn’t been sorted as you’ll still see the site hacked.

The group has posted a strong message stating, "Everyday 100s of innocent people are abused, raped and even killed in palestine & kashmir by the indian & israli army, a third of the deaths are children, who are the real soldiers? the child holding a stone or the stranger holding a gun? - we dont want war, take back ur men, ur tanks and ur guns and go back to were you came from, all we ask is for freedom, you can kill us but you cant kill us all, we shall not give up, giving up is not a option. Freedom is our goal." This is followed by a credits section of all the hackers belonging to the group and at last there are two images of stone-pelting rebels in Kashmir and Palestine (or Israel).

Although I get the fact that this group wants to get their message across; hacking a government website of Sikkim really won’t do any good.