Hackers Expose Former British PM Tony Blair's Data

New day, new hacks. Hackers are targeting everything from high profile websites like government organizations to rival hacker group sites.  This time around hacker group TeaMP0isoN has targeted former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Through their Twitter feed, the group has posted a link to the data on Pastebin with what looks likes the contents of his electronic address book that contains contact information of Parliament members.

Personal information of Tony Blair leaked

Personal information of Tony Blair leaked


According to a report on CNET, the contact list is said to have information of when Tony Blair was serving his tenure as a Prime Minister. The information is said to include a number of 10, Downing Street. According to the Pastebin post, a message reads, “Tony Blair should be locked up, he is a war criminal." According to a previous Twitter post by one of TeaMp0isoN’s members, Trick, says that Tony Blair’s information would be leaked along with the personal information of some of his advisors along with UK MP’s and Lords because they supported the war in Iraq.

TeaMp0isoN were recently in the news for their war against LulzSec claiming to release information of LulzSec members one at a time. They went so far as to call LulzSec script kiddies, which is a hacker slang for amateurs.

To know more about the recent spate of hacks, click the link here.

Published Date: Jun 25, 2011 11:42 am | Updated Date: Jun 25, 2011 11:42 am