Hack Turns an Apple Mac Pro into a 12-core beast

The new iMacs were refreshed a few weeks ago and were upgraded with Sandy Bride processor as well as the new Thunderbolt I/O. While every other Apple computer has seen a refresh, the one that hasn’t is the Mac Pro.

Bring me my hammer...

Bring me my hammer...


It last received an upgrade back in 2010, where it got a hex-core processor powerful enough to land a rocket on the moon (well, not literally). But if you are someone who owns a 2009 Mac Pro and wants more firepower from it, without spending megabucks, you can take solace. A user over at netkas.org who goes by the name of ‘MacEFIRom’ was able to develop a script which forces older 2009 Mac Pros to accept updates meant for 2010 models.


The update allows users to install 32nm Westmere Xeons, including six-core variants which were used in the high-end versions of the 2010 Mac Pros.  While single socket machines can use the W-Series of processors. The dual-socket ones can be upgraded the E5600 CPU or the X5600-series CPUs. Apart from the obvious boost in performance, the update also supports 1333 MHz DRAM speeds for those who have the correct CPU and RAM combination.  Other upgrades include the ability to now stream audio signals via the Mini display port on select Graphics Cards.

The hack does have its downsides, too. The firmware hack voids AppleCare and original system install discs no longer work due to the fact that the computer thinks it’s a 2010 Mac Pro. To read more on the hack, click here.


Via: Arstechnica

Published Date: May 12, 2011 11:54 pm | Updated Date: May 12, 2011 11:54 pm