Grudge Match: Round 8 - Kratos VS Dante

After a rather long sabbatical our gaming grudge match is back and now that we’re done with round one it’s time to dive into the second round where the half-devil, half-human son of Sparda, Dante meets the God of War himself.

Who will walk away victorious? You get to decide. Vote NOW!


  • Physical Traits: Tall, bald and ashen courtesy of the ashes of his family. Doesn’t believe in wearing anything except for a loin cloth. Houses a nasty scar across abdomen and face.
  • Weapon of Choice: Blades of Chaos
  • Badass Quotient: No last name. Also he kills Gods and all of Greek mythology. Has survived death multiple times.
  • Trademark: Loud booming voice. Serious Rage issues and hatred for any living thing.
  • Why he won Round 1: If the God of Gods, Olympus can’t stop this dude I really doubt a chainsaw wielding army grunt can. Kratos waltzed in there, stomped the crap of out Marcus Fenix and left him in a bloody, messy pulp on the floor.


  • Physical Traits: White haired, witty, confident and clad in a red overcoat, Dante is the epitome of coolness.
  • Weapon of Choice – His trusty pistols, Ebony and Ivory.
  • Badass Quotient – Being the son of a demon grants him immortal powers that he’s been using to kick demon ass in highly innovative ways. I mean this is a guy who has used a full-fledged bike as a nunchuck. Yeah, think about it.
  • Trademark: His confidence, arrogance, wit and style with which he dispatches his foes. Few video game characters can match the style and flair this man brings to the table.
  • Why he won Round 1: In a surprising turn of events Dante just about managed to defeat the Super Ninja that is Ryu Hyabusa. I guess his half-demon heritage really gave him that added edge on the battlefield.

Published Date: Jul 03, 2010 12:26 pm | Updated Date: Jul 03, 2010 12:26 pm