Grudge Match - Angry Birds vs Cut the Rope

iPhone gaming really got exciting when Angry Birds came into the picture. Developed by Rovio Mobile and published by Chillingo (originally), Angry Birds took a while to take the top spot in the paid app section of the App Store, but got there eventually and held the throne for a while! For a short bit though, another Chillingo publication, Cut the Rope, caught up for a few weeks and even though Angry Birds has reclaimed its top spot, there are still some folk who swear by Cut the Rope. So let's get the basic info out and make our minds up.

Birds vs pigs or candy to a baby?

Angry Birds

Plot: A bunch of pigs stole a bunch of eggs from a bunch of birds. These birds got mad and swore to dish revenge, whether cold or not. The birds come in different types and they all have one mission, to die in the name of the eggs.