Govt offices to install fingerprint scanners to record attendance

Attendance, or the lack of it, in government offices in India is not unheard of. However, things might soon change in that respect. 


India's Department of Personnel & Training is in the process of building a fingerprint scanning system to enable a system to keep a track of the work hours of the employees. The department also released a tender to procure 12 machines to record the timings of the arrival and departure of staff.


The tender states that the Department of Personnel & Training is looking to install "Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance with Finger Print Access Control System" for its offices in New Delhi. “The system is intended to record arrival and departure timings of the employees to and from office and to generate/record relevant date/reports of arrival/departure/leave/late sitting etc. of the employees," it adds.

Fingerprint reader security hole exposed (Image credit: Getty Images)

Fingerprint scanners to record attendance in govt offices (Image credit: Getty Images)



The machines thus being procured, according to the tender, should have the storage capacity for recording of fingerprints on required occasions of the arrival and departure of roughly 2000 employees. Also, it states that the system should be able to record the fingerprints of an additional 200 employees. In addition to that, the systems should be sturdy and tamper proof, while also being immune to the vagaries of nature, dust etc.


The department further requires the machines to be capable of uploading and downloading records of fingerprints, data event, time and attendance, while having built-in TCP-IP connectivity and adequate power backup.

Published Date: May 09, 2013 17:58 PM | Updated Date: May 09, 2013 17:58 PM