GOTY 2010 - Racing

Normally, I would conduct these awards by myself but this year I’m joined by motorhead Roshan D’Silva who just so happens to be our resident hardware ninja as well. Why? Because he just doesn’t trust my judgment when it comes to racing games. Pfft!

Nash: So Whaddup Snake? What brings you to this part of town today?

Roshan: Just checking up on the awards since it’s my area of expertise. Plus I have to make sure GT5 gets the love it deserves.

Nash: Riiiiiight. Let’s get down to business shall we?

Roshan: Sure thing. This year had a ton of racers so which one should we talk about first?

Nash: Well first up, I would like to talk about a highly underrated yet awesome game, Nail’d.

Roshan: Lolwut!

I believe I can fly

Nash: Dude Nail’d was epic. It may not have been realistic like “Gran Turismo” (yes, that’s sarcasm) but it was a no holds barred, balls-to-the-wall racer that allowed you to jump higher than planes.

Roshan: So?

Nash: Dude did you not hear me? I said you can jump higher than a f****g plane. How can that not excite you?!

Roshan: Ok so it does sound like fun and yes, I can see myself enjoying this game with a couple of friends but then how much skill does it take to play a game which has no basis in reality?

Now Gran Turismo 5 on the other hand is something that requires you have some sort of skill. It’s all about being precise, accurate, knowing when to brake and how much to brake when going into the infamous ‘corkscrew’ at Laguna Seca. Also unlike other games, you can’t just floor the gas thinking you car will grip the road and take the corner at 100 miles an hour. Knowing that the slightest error in judgment will cause you to spin out and lose the race is what makes it so amazing.

Nash: Dude that so doesn’t sound like fun.

Does this even look like a game?

Roshan: I don’t think you get the point Nash. The game isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who want to experience what it feels like to drive the world’s best cars on the world’s best tracks.

The game has the innate ability to take you into the ‘zone’ where you become so focused at the task at hand that nothing else matters. Not the 800 standard cars, nor the slight screen tearing, absolutely nothing! It’s just you, your car and the track. It’s...... Wake up Nash! That’s just rude man.
Nash: Huh? Wha? Yeah yeah, I was so paying attention man. So anyway next up we have a franchise resurrected from the ground by Criterion.

Roshan: Ah yes, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. So I never really got to play around with the game. Was it really that good?

Nash: To be honest I was expecting it to play like a Burnout, but it didn’t. It in fact managed to traverse this fine line between the Burnout and the NFS series. In doing so, it managed to appeal to fans of both games.

You can't outrun the Police

Roshan: So how were the chases?

Nash: Oh man, the chases were epic. Chasing a felon in a Lamborghini is the stuff dreams are made of. I really wish the game allowed me to upload my own tunes in the game though, as the OST got a bit stale.

Published Date: Dec 29, 2010 03:47 pm | Updated Date: Dec 29, 2010 03:47 pm