GOSF 2014: Five things to keep in mind before you shop online

The Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) has started with thousands of e-commerce websites and brands participating in Google's big shopping party. The web is abuzz with the discounts currently available on online retail stores and we won't blame you if you can't wait to indulge in some retail therapy.

With some great offers up for grabs, it's no doubt the best time to shop for the things you've been having your eye on. That said, it's equally important that you be cautious before you part with your cash and make sure you get the best value for your money. Here are five ways that will help you make the best of the 2014 GOSF sale.

1. Check if the website is reliable

If a deal looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Shopping online has its risks - you could end up losing your money and peace of mind if you don't receive the product you've ordered or receive it in poor quality. These headaches can be mitigated if you choose a reliable website to shop from.

If you are new to a particular website, it's important that you do a quick background-check. Checking the track record of a website is easy - all you need to do type in the name of the website and the word 'review' on a search engine and it should be enough to bring a list of reviews of the website. While it's OK to have a few bad reviews, steer clear of websites that have too many negative reviews for its customer service, payments and deliveries.

2. Opt for online payment to make use of cashback offers

Many shopping websites provide cashback on certain debit or credit cards. This helps you save more money in the long run. However, you can't avail these offers if you opt for the cash-on-delivery mode of payment. If you trust the website and notice there's a cashback offer available, go ahead and use your card to pay online.

3. Spend time, weigh out your options

Often, you'll find that there's more than one seller for a product you are looking for. Instead of buying a product the first time you see a deal, spend some time weighing out your options. There are different ways to pin down the best deal for the product. One of which includes the tiny link that tells you if there are any additional sellers for that product. This is common on websites such as Junglee, Amazon and Flipkart. When you click on this link, you'll find the prices at which other sellers are selling the same product for and you can choose the best price.

4. Make use of deals-aggregator websites

Another way to find the best deals are by using deals and coupon aggregator websites. These websites cut down the time you would be spending on browsing each and every website you know. They bring all the deals, discount coupons in one place to make your purchasing decisions easier. Some popular deals-aggregator websites include Desi Dime, Coupon Dunia and Coupon Raja.

Remember to use these coupons when you make a payment on a shopping website. You might not be able to use more than one coupon at a time, so look for the best coupons available that will save you the most money.

5. Keep an eye on the 299 corner

In case you got distracted with the flood of discounts on shopping websites, spend a few minutes on the official GOSF site. The website includes the 299 corner, which has products ranging from clothes, jewelry, home decor, accessories and electronics all priced at Rs 299.

Published Date: Dec 10, 2014 17:12 PM | Updated Date: Dec 10, 2014 17:12 PM