GOSF 2013 extended by a day, will go on till Dec 14

After a disappointing start to the Great Online Shopping Festival, where the website was down or not loading, there’s some good news for shopaholics in India. Google has extended the festival by one day, allowing shoppers to earn discounts till December 14, that is tomorrow.

Google has also started a promotion on Twitter, giving users a free Nexus 7 in lieu of tweets which say why they should get a deal. Clearly, Google’s damage control machine is in full swing trying to appease unhappy shoppers who might have missed out on any discounts or deals.

GOSF 2013 is now underway

GOSF 2013 is now underway


The GOSF website is now functioning just as well as one expects, so looks like Google has also fixed issues plaguing the site since the launch of the festival. To browse deals on the GOSF website, you can choose one of two options.

If you choose to Browse by Style, the site will show you broad categories such as ‘The Fashionista’, ‘The Stylish Man’, ‘The Businessman’, ‘The Techie’, ‘The Kids’ etc. These will you’re your pre-sorted products which you can filter through to narrow down your choice.

The other way to browse is Shop the Deals, which is a more comprehensive list comprising categories ranging from Automobiles to Watches with all the usual categories fitting in the middle. We compiled a list of the best tech deals enabled by GOSF. You can check it out here.

Published Date: Dec 13, 2013 02:40 pm | Updated Date: Dec 13, 2013 02:40 pm