Google's new service promises right content at right time

Google has launched its new mobile content recommendations service, powered by Google+. Thanks to this new service, Google will allow site owners to offer content recommendations to users as they browse through content on sites that have enabled it. 


On its developer blog, Google elaborates that the service will make it easier for site owners to keep users on their site by recommending the right content, at the right time. "When you help someone find a great article on your site, you’re not only making them happier; you’re inspiring deeper engagement and loyalty," the post explains. 


Now, these recommendations look into factors like, Search Authorship, Google+ Activity (including +1s and shares), and the content on the page a user is viewing at the time. Whatever be the case, all recommended content is based on the page the visitor is viewing at the time. Importantly, these recommendations only show up when the visitor taps for more; this ensures that his browsing experience continues uninterrupted. 


Promising right content at the right time



Content recommendations on this new service can show up, regardless of whether visitors are signed in to Google. However, when they are logged in to Google, they'll be able to spot content that was +1'd or shared by those in their circles. The new service works across mobile platforms. It supports devices running iOS 5 and above, as well as those running Android 2.3.3 and later. It also works in the native Android browser, Safari and Chrome, for both iOS and Android platforms. 


At the outset though, the service has been targeted at mobile web, but Google has plans to bring it to other platforms in the future. 


Like it? This content recommendations service can be enabled on any mobile website that has a Google+ page. All site owners have to do, is add a single line of javascript to the mobile site. Once done, they can make changes in the “For your site” section of their Google+ page dashboard - in the “More” dropdown menu.

Published Date: May 14, 2013 08:24 am | Updated Date: May 14, 2013 08:24 am