Google's Great Online Shopping Festival off to a stuttering start

Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) has got off to a flase start. Less than an hour after the festival went live, the site went down due to a technical error. Google India tweeted regretting the downtime and said the site will be up soon.



However, even this morning the site refused to load fully. At times the home page would load, but no links worked. Now, the home page is returning a 500 Server Error intermittently and taking ages to load when it does. GOSF will be on till December 13.

GOSF 2013 is now underway

GOSF 2013 is now underway


To browse deals on the GOSF, you can choose one of two options. If you choose to Browse by Style, the site will show you broad categories such as ‘The Fashionista’, ‘The Stylish Man’, ‘The Businessman’, ‘The Techie’, ‘The Kids’ etc. These will you’re your pre-sorted products which you can filter through to narrow down your choice.

The other way to browse is Shop the Deals, which is a more comprehensive list comprising categories ranging from Automobiles to Watches with all the usual categories fitting in the middle.

Google has also provided some online shopping tips. These aim to simplify e-shopping for the inexperienced, so you will see tips like selecting the right size for the product, giving right delivery information, securing your e-shopping accounts and the various payment options available. Given that at last year’s GOSF, 50 percent of buyers shopped online for the first time, Google is making sure this year’s first-time shoppers are armed with the right information. The site is also available in Hindi.



We will be bringing you all the best deals from GOSF 2013 through the three days of the festival, so keep an eye out for some killer bargain tips.

Published Date: Dec 11, 2013 10:45 am | Updated Date: Dec 11, 2013 10:45 am