Google's Cloud Computing OS Will Push People into 'Careless Computing'

Richard Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation has blasted Google’s ChromeOS and has said that extensive use of ‘cloud computing’ could compromise data. Stallman, who already fired shots at Google by saying that ‘cloud computing’ is worse than stupidity. In a statement given to The Guardian, Stallman said that ChromeOS relies on data connection to Google’s servers which are at unknown locations. He also said that the data is stored on the company’s servers instead of the owners; this carries the risk of loss of data.

Will your data be safe with cloud computing?

While Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt praised the idea of cloud computing and called it an epic journey, Stallman on the other hand was not impressed - he thinks cloud computing will allow any Tom, Dick and Harry hold the user's data. "Perhaps the term 'careless computing' would suit it better," he added.

"I suppose many people will continue moving towards careless computing, because there's a sucker born every minute,” he added. "The US government may try to encourage people to place their data where the US government can seize it without showing them a search warrant, rather than in their own property. However, as long as enough of us continue keeping our data under our own control, we can still do so. And we had better do so, or the option may disappear."

Security is a big concern with it comes to cloud computing, the idea of an unknown entity having your data is indeed a scary one, but the entire concept of ‘cloud computing’ is very exciting and having all your data available to you no matter what the device is very interesting. Stallman does make some valid points, but only time will tell us which one of them is right.

Published Date: Dec 15, 2010 05:57 pm | Updated Date: Dec 15, 2010 05:57 pm