Google working on Android-based console, new Nexus Q and smartwatch

Sony, Microsoft, better watch out as the console wars are about to get a new big competitor. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is currently working on a game console powered by Android. The company is also planning to launch a new smartwatch based on the OS.

While this may be seen as a direct attack on the newly-announced Xbox One and PS4, Google is looking to take on Apple, which will be launching the iWatch next year or even later this year. Apple also has grand plans for the living room, where a new, reinvigorated Apple TV will occupy space by later this year. We have no doubt that gaming will be a huge part of Apple’s focus. So Google’s console and smartwatch plans are a way to step into the market with equal ammunition.

Google to take on Microsoft and Sony

Google to take on Microsoft and Sony


The report further states that both products will be entirely Google driven in terms of branding and marketing, and that one of them will be arriving in the Fall. The company is also planning to refresh the Nexus Q media streaming device with a lower price tag. The first version of Q never made it beyond pre-orderers and developers.

While Android is leading the market when it comes to smartphones, it is a highly versatile OS as seen in the various Android-powered devices. Samsung’s Galaxy NX, an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, is the most recent example.

If and when Google’s game console does hit stores, it won’t be the only alternative for Android-based game machines. Ouya, arguably the most prominent Android-based console, has sold out at major retailers in a day. Nvidia is also launching Project Shield, a $299 handheld gaming device that caters to Android and PC games.

Interestingly, the sources revealed that the hardware push by Google follows the completion of the next version of Android, which the report says is coming in the next couple of months.

Published Date: Jun 28, 2013 11:26 AM | Updated Date: Jun 28, 2013 11:26 AM