Google Voice Calling Expanded to 38 Languages

After stylishly stepping into the social networking space with Google+, Google is all set to give telephony a makeover - at least that’s what they intend to do with their new service, conveniently called Google Voice.

Google Voice

Google Voice



By logging onto, users will be able to make calls to any place in the world, using their Gmail account. Available in over 38 new languages, the latest service can be availed by purchasing calling credit in either US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pound Sterling, or Euros. The service that was available since last August to users across U.S.A and Canada, has now been expanded to several other countries. While the service remains free for the whole of U.S.A and Canada throughout this year, the rates for calls to other countries, Google claims would be low. You could check the tariffs here


The features included in Google Voice, are:


  • Voicemail transcription: This feature allows users to read the transcribed version of their conversations. 
Transcribing your voice to text

Transcribing your voice to text..



  • One Number: This feature allows users to set one number, a Google number across all the phones available on them, or set one phone to a specific caller, or for a specific time of the day. This Google number would remain the same, irrespective of which carrier the user moves to later, or a different phone, for that matter. 


One Number, One Connection

One Number, One Connection



  • Personalized Greetings: As the term suggests, the feature allows users to set specific voice mail messages for certain callers. 
  • International Calling: Google claims that users can make international calls using their latest feature, at the cheapest rates. 
  • SMS to Email: Using a Google number, all SMS that are exchanged between users, can also be availed as emails, by a setting. Users can reply to the email, and the same will be converted to an SMS by Google and sent to the recipient on their phone, for free. 
  • Share Voicemails: Google users can now share copies of their voicemails with their contacts via emails. 
  • Block Callers: Like Google puts it, this feature 'lets you pick the calls you want to pick, and block the ones you want to block.'
  • Screen Callers: Providing the benefit of answering machines, wherein a caller could decide if he/she wishes to answer a particular call or direct it to their answering machine; Google does the same. 
  • Mobile App: The Google Voice Calling Mobile App directs all features to the comfort of your phone. 
  • Conference Calls: This feature on lets users directly invite their contacts to participate in the call, instead of having to remember their individual numbers.
  • Number Porting: Like mentioned before, Google users can avail themselves a Google number. For those who wish to continue using their existing number, and have Google Voice Calling benefits, they could do so, too. 


The service can be expected to reach you in the days to come. How do you know? Well! Just keep looking out for the phone icon on your chat window.

Published Date: Aug 03, 2011 01:47 pm | Updated Date: Aug 03, 2011 01:47 pm