Google ushers in 2014 with a snazzy, dancing doodle

When Google doodled to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, we knew another on the same lines was coming for New Year’s Day. Google continued its cutesy theme, showing the numbers “2-0-1-3” and “4” getting groovy on the dance floor.

On December 31, Google’s doodle showed the numerals dancing away with the number “4” patiently waiting its turn and join the others at the party. At midnight, Google tweaked the doodle just a little bit and it put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Welcoming 2014 in style!

Welcoming 2014 in style!


The “3” was finally off the dance floor and a very excited “4” had joined the rest of the numbers. The “3” looked exhausted but happy that his time on the floor was over. The dance floor still had the Google logo floating over it, with the second O in the logo being a shiny, mirrorball.

With no doodle today, the plain old Google logo is a painful reminder that the season of continuous doodles is over. The New Year’s Eve doodle could well be thought of as the final link in the Happy Holidays series for this year. Google kicked off the festive season with postcard-like doodles in the series that depicted Christmas scenes. The first one showed a couple of kids being pulled along on a one-horse open sleigh, the second showed a Christmas scene in a town, followed by a solitary house against the backdrop of a starry night.

Published Date: Jan 02, 2014 12:20 PM | Updated Date: Jan 02, 2014 12:20 PM