Google TV. Do We Need it?

The subliminal theme sloshing around in tech companies' minds these days is convergence, of all forms of technology into one simple accessible box. HDD that play movies. Set top boxes that schedule/record shows with inbuilt HDD that play movies, and what have you. The internet is no more accessible only from a laptop or mobile, now it has clawed its constant expanding reach into the HDTV. Every manufacturer today for e.g. Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic etc have internet capabilities in their new tellies.

And now finally we get to hear the mother of all convergence news, as reported by the New York Times very recently: Google TV. Google TV seems like a genius concept (they all do after one brush through the press release) because it makes your TV more web like. How? Think Android, and its vast capabilities. Google basically wants to make web apps, and also it has thrown in its Google Chrome Browser into the melting pot for this new Web meets TV solution. But Google provides the interfaces, what about hardware, and peripherals and all that? Enter the likes of more giants like Sony, Logitech and Intel. No prizes for guessing who will do what in this equation- Intel Atom chips will crunch the binaries, Sony will either make set top boxes or provide in built Google TV in their tellies, and Logitech will make keyboard/mouse for the new models. Thus Google TV will be Android running on your TV. Wow.

But really do we need this? Tech innovations have to make our lives easier, and whilst most innovations these days, by these same brands, have quite successfully done so, I think in India the TV should be left alone. I really do not want to use twitter on my TV, who wants to strain their eyes from 5 feet away and see

Published Date: May 12, 2010 01:16 pm | Updated Date: May 12, 2010 01:16 pm