Google Trends Top Charts shows most popular searches in over 40 categories

Google Trends is definitely a nifty way to learn about what everyone in the world is thinking about. Today, Google released a new and improved version of the Trends product, which has new charts. Called Top Charts, this feature will be updated monthly with results of the most-searched people, places and things being featured and ranked according to popularity.


Thus, it is now possible to skim through Google Trends and see that Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake are the most searched people on the Internet. With 40 plus categories, Google Trends Top Charts can filter and rank only US related searches as of now. However,, according to a report by TNW, Google Trends may soon be offered with results being filtered through 11 countries. The timeframe for this has not been given though.


Google Trends Top Charts now shows you their most popular searches according to rank.

Google Trends Top Charts now shows you their most popular searches according to rank.



The most obvious interested parties for this feature may be the many PR companies in the market, who can now follow the top results and ranking that Google Trends gives. The categories seem expansive, with everything from business related people to cars being ranked and showcased for the world to see. Another important point here is that Top Charts allows you to go through ranking from as far back as 2004. What’s more, you can directly share your search results from individual categories onto social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The data that you can find through Top Charts doesn’t simple limit itself to the standard keywords search. Built on top of the Knowledge Graph, Google can make out the difference between individual keywords and also give you other options related to your search words just in case you dont get the result you wanted.


In addition to Top Charts, there is now a better way to look at trends. According to the offical blogpost, "now there's a vibrant new way to visualise trend searches as they happen." All you need to do is go to the Trends homepage in the left-hand panel and find a new link that says "Visualize Hot Searches in full-screen". The latest trending topics will appear in a variety of colours. You can also customise your searches to fit as many as 25 search results at a time.

All in all, Google Trends giving a visual rank for the most trending people, topics, cars and so on will help users keep up to date about the most popular topics that are trending right now.

Published Date: May 23, 2013 16:05 PM | Updated Date: May 23, 2013 16:05 PM