Google Translate Hits iOS; It's Only Somewhat Helpful

The Google Translate application came for Android about a year ago (January 2010), which allowed users to speak into the application in 15 languages which would translate into more than 50 languages. The iOS app is here and you can now translate to and from 58 languages. Almost all of them have the audio option where what's translated will be voiced for pronunciation. For languages that are written in scripts other than Roman, the translated text is written in both, its native script as well as Roman script for pronunciation (however this wasn't accurate when I tested it for Hindi). When I spoke phrases in all English, Hindi and Italian, the voice feature got what I said completely wrong more than right. If this is accent bias, it's completely futile because as a foreigner translating, you're more than likely to get the accent wrong.

Speak it to translate it

The iPhone version lacks a few features that come with the Android version like SMS conversion and experimental Conversation Mode. What would really be helpful is Google Goggles (not available for iOS yet) more than Translate. And what would be super rad is Goggles tying in with GPS (or at least get information of where the text you're translating is placed like either in a book or a street sign) to add context to what you're translating. Until then, stay hopeful that your translation is accurate. The Google Translate app is free and is available via the App Store for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads with iOS 3.0 and later.

Published Date: Feb 09, 2011 01:11 pm | Updated Date: Feb 09, 2011 01:11 pm