Google to retire Checkout service in six months

Add Google Checkout to the list of Google services that are nearing the end of their terms. Google informed web merchants today that in six months, Google Checkout will be retired, as they make the transition to Google Wallet – a platform that allows consumers to shop in -stores, at their desks and on their mobile devices.


The post informs that all Google Play developers will continue to be supported. Importantly, shoppers can continue using Google Wallet to make secure payments anywhere they spot the Google Wallet button. 

Buzz gone wrong!

To retire Checkout service!



As a note for Checkout merchants, Google add that merchants can accept payments using Google Checkout until November 20, 2013. Now, those who don't have their own payment processing will have to move to a different solution within six months. 


In addition to those, the developers selling through other Google properties – Google Play, Chrome Web Store and Offers Marketplace – will continue to be supported and will automatically move to the Google Wallet Merchant Center in the next few weeks. 


Shoppers too can continue using Google Wallet to make their purchases on merchant apps and sites – Priceline, Uber and Rue La La, and on Google properties – Google Play and Chrome Web Store. All they have to ensure is that they spot the the Google Wallet button to make safer and more secure payments. 

Published Date: May 21, 2013 19:28 PM | Updated Date: May 21, 2013 19:28 PM