Google to partner with different OEMs to sell upcoming Nexus devices

Reports about Google’s next flagship handset have already started to trickle in, even though their current handset has not reached our shores, yet. If one is planning on purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then they may want to save their cash for another device, as the handset may not make its way to India, after all. However, it appears that plans are being put in place for the next flagship Googlephone with the Wall Street Journal reporting that in a bid to combat wireless carriers from controlling the sales of their handset, the brand will give five manufacturers, early access to the Jelly Bean OS, which will allow them to sell the Nexus branded handsets directly to consumers.

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Google to try a different strategy with this year's Jelly Bean powered Nexus devices


As per the report, “Google plans to give multiple mobile-device makers early access to new releases of Android and to sell those devices directly to consumers, said people familiar with the matter. That is a shift from Google's previous practice, when it joined with only one hardware maker at a time to produce "lead devices," before releasing the software to other device makers. Those lead devices were then sold to consumers through wireless carriers or retailers.”


They go on to state that this strategy will exert more control over key features and apps that will run on Android devices, such as tablets and smartphones. The report goes on to state that sources have informed them saying, “Now Google will work with as many as five manufacturers at a time to create a portfolio of "Nexus" lead devices that include smartphones and tablets, said a person familiar with the matter. Google also plans to sell the gadgets directly to consumers in the U.S., Europe and Asia through its website, and potentially through some retailers.”

An unanswered question is when this handset will be released and the report states that the source has informed them stating, “The devices will run on Google's forthcoming version of Android called Jelly Bean, and it hopes to have the full portfolio of devices ready for sale by Thanksgiving.” Let us know your thoughts on Google launching the Nexus handset with multiple manufacturers in the comments section below.

Published Date: May 17, 2012 10:29 am | Updated Date: May 17, 2012 10:29 am