Google switches gears, Chrome 15 shifts to Beta, 16 to Canary

Google’s rapid release cycle is quickly cycling through the gears. Just last week, Google released the stable Chrome 14 browser. Chrome 15 is now the next in line to receive the Beta badge, while the slightly more experimental Chrome 16 goes into Canary. There’s no clear date on when Chrome 15 will go into final release, but it’s bound to happen in the next couple of months. Chrome 13 was made stable in August, this year. Google has three primary channels - the stable being the one used by the public, a beta build, which is a more intermediate build, but one whose features are carried into the final release. The Canary build is where most of the new features appear and it also happens to be one of more unstable builds around. The Dev build is a often slightly more stable version of the Canary channel.

Next iteration of Chrome ready for use

Running through the version numbers



The new Chrome 15 beta brings a new, New Page tab design with support for synchronization of the Omibox across installations of Chrome. If you’re itching to try out the latest builds, click here for the Beta build and here for the Canary build. Meanwhile, at the Mozilla camp, Firefox 7 has almost completed development and is set to release on the 27th of September, just a few days from now. A release candidate build is now available.