Google+ Survival Guide

Google+ is poised to grow bigger, and wading through just might get tough. Being your guide to most of your techie issues, we're back again. To make the going easier for you, we've shared our Google+ Survival Guide,with you.



TOP 10

  • Make a part, or your entire post in BOLD by adding a (*) before and after it.


  • Italicise your text by placing a _ before and after the text


  • Strike through your text with a - before and after it


  • Clicking on the timestamp of any post, you get the URL for the same


  • Users have an option of sharing their post either publicly, or within specific circle(s)


  • Now this one’s a life saver, you can actually MUTE a particular post, if you don’t want to be bothered with the constant notifications that

come. Simply, click left click on the post, hit Mute this post, and watch the magic unfold.


  • It is possible to share a particular post, or check Google+ notifications, while you check your mails on Gmail.


  • You can add people to your chat list, automatically by just clicking ‘q’, while on the homepage with a second gap between the two actions.


  • You can share photos, videos and other links directly by dragging and dropping those from your desktop to your


  • It also possible to decide how your post is used, or not on the site Using options like Disable comment, Disable reshare, Delete options, you can decide what to do with your post.


Quick Shortcuts

  • J – Scroll Down
  • K – Scroll Up
  • Space – Move Up on the Stream
  • Shift Space – Move Down on the Stream
  • Q – Gets you to Chat
  • Tab, Return – End of the Comment
  • Return – Start Comment


This isn't all. If you have any tips which you'd like to share with other Tech2 readers, do post them in the comments section below.

Published Date: Jul 06, 2011 06:33 pm | Updated Date: Jul 06, 2011 06:33 pm