Google Rolls Out Version 11 of Chrome

The latest version of Google’s much spoken about browser is out, finally. The version 11 comes at a time when the previous version was detected with a number of bugs. Developed and brought out close on the heels of the previous version, this latest version of Chrome surely has a lot to offer in its kitty.

Out, finally!

Out, finally!


As much as 25 security vulnerabilities were dished out in a patch test that was carried out in the browser. 16 of the 25 security vulnerabilities were rated as high, six rated as medium, and three rated as low. In comparison, the new version of Chrome is only a level faster than the previous one. The version 11 of the browser now comes with a speech input through HTML. Using this technique, users can talk to their websites, directly. One of the features that seem to have palled well with the speech input technique is Google Translate, wherein if a user wants to translate a certain English statement to any other language from the list, all the user has to do is talk to the microphone in English, and choose the preferred language.

The browser is compatible on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. For those who’re existing users of Chrome can jump onto the version 11 bandwagon by clicking on the built-in update function placed under the About Google Chrome menu item. Adding onto the additions of the version 11 is a new, non-shiny logo which did draw a second look.

Published Date: Apr 28, 2011 04:50 pm | Updated Date: Apr 28, 2011 04:50 pm