Google rings in Christmas with Santa Tracker website

You’re never too old to get caught up in the Christmas frenzy and think Santa is real, and Google is helping you do exactly that with the Santa Tracker tool. Google’s made its Santa Tracker available for users across the world for Christmas 2013. It will let you track Santa’s movements, play mini-games and even learn about Christmas traditions around the world, all from one fantastic-looking website.

You can access the Santa dashboard either from the web, using the dedicated Android app, through Chromecast or on your browser using a Chrome extension.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


Google explains that there are buildings that get freed up when elves break a building down everyday. You can view new scenes and games on the website. When you first head on to the website, a countdown timer will greet you, telling you the number of hours remaining for Santa to leave North Pole. And entire fictional village is thrown open with fun activities spread across for you to spend Christmas Eve doing.

The one fun tool is the voice mail one where you can have Santa record a message for your family and friends, and you can send it to them via email or share a link. Of course, you’ll need to share some details with “Santa” but it’s a fun experience where you can use aliases to refer to your friends and more. If you have the Google Earth plugin installed on your browser, you can even “track” Santa.

As far as the mini-games go, you can help Santa dress up, collect gifts while on a sleigh, dodge icebergs to fill boats with gifts and more. Head on to the Santa Tracker website for all the Christmas fun.

Published Date: Dec 24, 2013 13:29 PM | Updated Date: Dec 24, 2013 13:29 PM